Nobo Advantage

The Nobo Advantage

NOBO’s clever design, incorporating a top mounted heat outlet, sets it apart from other panel heaters and enables them to be used in circumstances (for example behind furniture) where other panel heaters are not as effective or practical. Well known for it's innovative products, high quality and modern design, Nobo has been making panel heaters since 1949 and is one of the largest in Europe.

Why do we call it the Nobo Advantage

There are many reasons why Nobo stands above the other panel heaters, the minimalist style and design, accurate thermostat, quiet performance, child lock and dual heat distribution are only a few things that make up the Nobo Advantage.

Scandinavian Minimalist Style

Scandinavian design is world famous for combining clean and timeless designs with user friendly functionality. Nobo shares this same design ethos with this latest range of panel heaters. By concealing the heat outlet vents behind the front panel, the seamless heater removes visual clutter and blends in against your wall. It’s also only 5.5cm thick, meaning it won’t protrude unnecessarily and get bumped into. In Scandinavian style, the heater is built to withstand harsh winters that can plummet to as low as -40°C. Installing Nobo will add style, comfort, efficiency and value to your home.

Ultra Accurate Thermostat

Set your desired temperature and know that your heater will stick to it and keep your home comfortable. With an electronic thermostat that fluctuates by only 0.05°C, you’ll be getting the most accurate thermostat on the market.

Save Your Energy and Money

Independent testing shows Nobo is 16% more efficient than similarly priced competitor panels*. This could equate to a saving of $86 in heating costs each year** and over the lifespan of the heater, you could make back its initial cost. The heater also saves you power when not in use. On standby mode, the heater uses only 0.5 watts, compared to the 30 watts used in some other heaters. Nobo heaters are the more efficient, sustainable choice.

Quiet Performance

Quiet operation means the heaters are ideal for bedrooms. You’ll have no fans, mechanical thermostats or noise from moving parts stopping you and your family from getting a peaceful rest*. Install a Nobo Panel Heater with the confidence of healthier heating for your family. The fan free technology does not circulate dust or allergens, which may reduce air quality.
*Please note you may experience temporary 'clicking' noises during heat up and cool down. This is part of normal function, and is a natural phenomenon due to the contraction and expansion of metal under heat. This is not a product fault and would not be accepted under a warranty claim.

Wall Mountable or Portable

Wall installation is easy, no electricians are required and it only takes minutes. Alternatively, castors can be used if you want the freedom to move it between rooms. For safety, this heater is fitted with a tilt switch to stop operation if it is knocked over.

Designed for Durability

The Nobo range has been designed with a long-lasting aluminium element for superior durability.

Minimal Clearances

Nobo’s clever design means it can be installed almost anywhere, including behind furniture, where other heaters may not work effectively.

IP24 Rated

Nobo panel heaters are suitable for all locations, and approved for use in bathrooms with an IP24 splash proof rating. This design feature means that the appliance has the ability to be easily and safely installed into most household applications.

The Timer with a Difference

You don’t just have to settle for your timer to turn your heater on or off. The optional timer also allows you to set two different temperatures for different times of the day. For example, in your hallway, a higher temperature during the day (as you regularly pass through it) but a lower temperature during the night (just to take the chill off).
The effect of this is lower electricity bills as you only use power when you need it. You can programme settings for every day, individual days or weekend vs weekdays. Plus it comes with a child lock feature to ensure children don’t change the settings or temperatures you have set.

Dual Heat

The Nobo Panel Heaters are designed to heat the room using both convection and radiant heat. This dual heating ensures quick, effective and efficient heating. With concealed air vents, the heater draws in cool air, passing it over the aluminium element to naturally create convection heat. This heat is gently distributed through the room via the full width air vent at the top of the unit. The aluminium element within Nobo evenly heats the front panel, this heat then radiates throughout the room. This radiant heat warms surfaces and objects around the unit maintaining the heat near the floor where it is required. Without the use of fans or mechanical moving parts, Nobo ensures efficient heating, with all energy used converted directly into heat.

Quality and Safety for All

Nobo panel heaters feature 14% lower surface temperatures* and by not exposing heat outlets on the front of the heater, it makes it harder for young ones to insert their fingers or any other objects. A child lock timer also means that curious kids cannot change any of the settings,** and with a super accurate thermostat, Nobo ensures stable temperatures to make sure your children sleep as sound as possible throughout the night. Nobo is the child friendly choice.