Overrides overview

If you arrive home earlier than expected on a cold winter day, OR travel somewhere for the weekend, OR go on holiday for two weeks, the normal weekly program can easily be changed temporarily. This is called an override.


An override interrupts the normal weekly program, replacing it with the selected status “COMFORT”, “ECO” or “AWAY” for a limited time.

Energy Control System has four types of overrides: NOW, CONSTANT, FROM-TO, and TIMER.  The below explains the different options available for overrides. To perform an override, you can choose either a simple override or advanced override.

Override: NOW

A NOW-override will last until there is a status change in the Normal weekly program. As the weekly program changes status, the override is terminated and the system returns automatically to Normal status. In the case of a weekly program with no status changes, a NOW-override is terminated at 3AM.


Override: CONSTANT

A CONSTANT override will last until you choose to stop it manually. The override is useful if the time for return to Normal status is uncertain.

Override: FROM-TO

A FROM-TO override allows you to select date and time for when the override starts and stops.

Override: TIMER

A TIMER-override lasts the number of days and hours selected. Default TIMER duration is 2 days (48 hours) unless you change it.