ECS redemption

For NOBO panel heaters if you purchase 3 or more panels of the following skus through our dealer certified network before 30th June 2020:

  • NTE4T10 / NTL4T10
  • NTE4T12 / NTL4T12
  • NTE4T15 / NTL4T15
  • NTE4T20 / NTL4T20
  • NTE4T24 / NTL4T24
  • You are eligible for 1 x HUB via redemption by filling out the below form. *Subject to availability, while stocks last

    For each of the above panels you are also eligible for a NCU2R receiver for each panel bought if you are installing the Energy Control System*Subject to availability, while stocks last

    Please fill out the below form for your redemption.  Only one form is necessary if you are redeeming for both the HUB and NCU2R receivers.

    You will need to upload a copy of your receipt proving payment in full.  Please fill out your delivery address accurately with a contact number as this helps the delivery of the HUB to your designated address go smoothly. The panels must all be bought within this time period and within 90 days of each other.  

    The form will also have fields for the batch date for the minimum three NOBO panels required to be eligible for the free HUB.  The batch date can be found on the back of the panel heater on the main sticker above the power plug.  The batch date can be found above the barcode on the sticker.

    Please allow up to 4 weeks for your HUB to arrive from when you fill out the redemption form.  You will be contacted through the email or phone number you provide if your information is not valid or you fail to meet the redemption requirements with the reasons why.  If you require help filling out the form please contact our customer care team on 09 274 8265 or 


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