HUB setup

Important info:

The HUB communicates with receiervs using radio signals.  The HUB must be mounted on a wall for optimal range.  Some building materials, like reinforced concrete, massive timer etc. may reduce the signal range. In the case of signals not reaching a receiver, moving the HUB 1-2 metres to the side could be enough to avoid the obstacle.  Install the system, and make sure all your receivers react properly, before final mounting of the HUB on the wall.

System setup:

Connect the power cord to the HUB and plug it into a power outlet.

The HUB must be connected by cable (ethernet cable) to a local network with a wireless router, or to a wall outlet elsewhere in the building.

Make sure your smartphone or tablet is connected to the same wireless network and start the Energy Control App.  When connected to power and a local network, the HUB will transmit its ID code on the wireless network.

To install the HUB, follow the App setup wizard.  The app will search for the HUB, and display the results on the screen.  Press the ID code corresponding to your HUB.

If more than one HUB is connected to the same wireless network, the correct one must be selected in the setup wizard.  Check the ID-code at the back of the HUB and select the corresponding ID in the App.

(NB: Only one HUB can be installed at a time.)

For security reasons, you will be asked to type in the 3 last digits of your HUB ID-code.  The ID-code is at the back of your HUB.

Do not mount the HUB on the wall until the setup is finished.  In case you need to check the ID-code again.